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Elva EP [02 Sep 2001|11:51am]


Title : Never Look Back
Artiste : Elva Hsiao

Track 1 - Never Look Back (English)
Track 2 - Lonely (English)
Track 3 - Red Rose (Chinese)

Release Date : 7th September 2001
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"Never Look Back" MTV Screen Capture [01 Sep 2001|08:50pm]


Image doesn't show? Paste this in your browser : http://www.geocities.com/flame_world/neverlookback.jpg

Latest news: Elva's single will be released in Taiwan after all! Seems like EMI had a change of mind.
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Andy Lau's Concert [30 Aug 2001|09:37pm]

Elva made an appearance as a special guest on Andy Lau's concert on the 28th August. Elva gave a bouquet of flowers to Andy, shared the stage with the star and presented the crowd with a duet.

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Japan Update [30 Aug 2001|09:03pm]

It has been confirmed that Elva's EP "Never Look Back" will be launched on the 7th of September in Japan. However, it will not be on sale in Taiwan. Her debut album in Japan will be launched on October, with the album's title yet to be confirmed. It'll contain an English song titled "Remember", with the lyrics being written by Elva herself.

A couple of months ago :
"At 21, Elva has the region at her dainty feet. Maybe even Japan, if Hikaru Utada's manager has his way. Impressed with her nifty showmanship, he has asked to work with the Taiwanese ingenue on an English album scheduled to hit Japanese stores probably in December."

Seems like Elva's ahead of schedule !!!
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Real Name vs Stage Name [26 Aug 2001|06:37pm]

Many artistes have stage names that they use in showbiz. Like, "Hsiao Yaxuan" is also a stage name that Elva use. Her real name is actually Xiao Ya Zhi (hanyu pinyin). Apparently, a consultation with a fortune teller found that it was too 'soft', and insisted that a 'xuan' would ensure her meteoric rise in showbiz! Pretty accurate huh?

Stage name :
Real name : ֮
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More Details On Elva's Movies [26 Aug 2001|06:18pm]

Impressed by Elva, Johnnie To reportedly offered Elva 3 movie scripts so that she could pick one! The male leads for the 3 scripts are supposedly Andy Lau, Ekin Cheng and Tony Leung!
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Elva EP - Never Look Back [26 Aug 2001|06:12pm]

News is that Elva's EP is slated for release either on 7th September or 11th October. To be confirmed.
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Happy Birthday [24 Aug 2001|12:30am]

Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To Elva ..
Happy Birthday To You!

Hope you'll always be happy and may your career reach greater heights!
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Concert Info [22 Aug 2001|01:38pm]

The details for her 1st September concert have already been fixed. Elva, together with William So and Angel Ho, will arrive in China on the 31st of August. The concert is slated to start at 7:45pm the following day. The stage design and lighting equipments will be similar to that of her previous concert in HK. The concert will include a selection of songs from all her 3 albums. Concert tickets costs from RM80 to RM480.
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Elva Poster ! [21 Aug 2001|08:28pm]

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Elva To Appear In 2 Films [19 Aug 2001|12:15am]

Ekin Cheng and Elva will be the male and female leads respectively for << Gu Nan Gua Nu 3 >>, replacing Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng.

Apart from that, Elva can also look forward to appearing on screen with Chow Yun Fatt in a Hollyword film! Guess what role she's got? A nurse!
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Latest News [17 Aug 2001|05:37pm]

After a week of activities in China, Elva will be heading to Japan to promote her single and album. After that, it'll be back to Hong Kong to rehearse for her concert in Nanjing scheduled on the 1st of September. Elva's packed schedule is set to continue all the way until September, where she'll get a well deserved 2 months vacation.

Knowing that Elva will not have the time to celebrate her birthday on thee 24th of August, her fans specially made a "10-thousand signature" booklet to be given to Elva as a birthday present!
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Did You Know ? [16 Aug 2001|08:46pm]

Elva appeared on Taiwan's Super Sunday for a total of 5 times since she started her career in 1999!
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Elva Asian Tour [16 Aug 2001|01:51am]

Following the success of her 2 concerts in Hong Kong, Elva will be holding an Asian Tour soon! A press conference, attended by hundreds of reporters, was held in Shanghai to announce the event. The first concert will be held at Nanjing, China.

Earlier, an autograph signing session in Nanjing was cancelled due to safety reasons as the huge number of fans crowded the entire mall.
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Old Article [12 Aug 2001|04:14pm]

Ok it's old .. but not everyone has seen it ;)

Very Chirpy Songbird

Jun 21, 2001

WHEN Taiwanese songbird Elva Hsiao (right) tells you she's talkative, she means it.

"Oh no, you're not taking up too much time," she told us in her fluent American-accented English over the telephone.

It didn't matter that we had gone 30 minutes over time, or that the 21-year-old had been doing endless telephone interviews earlier.

"It's okay, I'm not tired.

"You know, at first when people don't know me very well, they might think I'm really quiet.

"But after a while, maybe after talking to me for 10 minutes, they see that I'm more talkative than expected.

"I'm not extremely talkative or anything, I just have my own opinion and I'm not afraid to say what's on my mind."

And she added: "I know when to keep my mouth shut."

Like when she's getting her hair or makeup done?

Said Elva: "I haven't had enough sleep since I started singing, and sometimes I just nod right off when I'm getting my hair or makeup done.

"Then I suddenly wake up with my mouth wide open! It's so awkward and embarrassing!"

Meanwhile, watch out if you're a motor-mouth kind of guy, because Elva might strike you off her list of eligible bachelors.

She joked: "I don't like a guy who's too talkative. I can't have him cutting in when I'm talking to my friends, right?

"I've met some people who talk too much, but then I've never met anyone who's more talkative than I am!"

Still, don't think all this pretty girl can do is sing, talk and nod off.

She can also toss her jet-black tresses stylishly, so there.

She fits the bill as a Pantene spokesman but, er, is it all her own?

"Oh no, I had hair extensions!" (She had strands of hair woven in to make hers longer.)

And it means she can't wear it short for a while.

"I signed a contract with them, so I can't cut my hair for close to two years.

"But I like it long!

"I think it's better for the stylist. There's more room to be creative. And I can have more fun with it too!"
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Elva & Edison Duet [12 Aug 2001|03:25pm]

Elva did a duet with Edison Chan as the theme song for Solar Project 2001. Solar Project details available at http://www.rthk.org.hk/special/solar2001/
The song and lyrics can be found in the link above. This pair up further sparked rumours among Elva's fans, whether there is anything going on between the two of them!
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Radio Hit Awards [10 Aug 2001|07:28pm]

Web poll will consist of 40% for the category Most Popular Female Artiste.
As of 8th August 2001, the web poll standings (top 5)are as follows :
1) Fann Wong
2) Sammi Cheng
3) Jolin Tsai
4) Stephanie Sun
5) Liu Ruo Ying
So guys, vote for Elva if you haven't done so!
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Radio Hit Awards 2001 [08 Aug 2001|02:07am]

Elva will be up for Most Popular Female Artiste in the coming Radio Hit Awards 2001 in Singapore on 8th September. Vote for Elva at http://yes933.mediacorpradio.com/singaporehitawards/vote.htm !!!
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Elva Hsiao News Flash Officially Opens ! [07 Aug 2001|08:13pm]

After an absence of 9 months, the now defunct Elva Hsiao Unofficial Website (with a new team!) presents to you - Elva Hsiao News Flash. It'll serve to bring to you the latest news, the juiciest gossips and hottest activities regarding Elva!

You do not have to register to post comments! But if you want to post topics, you'll have to register first.

Elva Hsiao Unofficial Website can still be accessed and will NOT be taken down. The link to it is available above.
Support this site, support Elva!

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